A Hand-painted Tote

January 25, 2020

Hand-painted tote — front and back

I needed a break from screens and my fabric/project box was full, so I pulled out a piece of canvas and found a tube of leftover blue paint.

I calculated the tote size based on the fabric I had and cut the pieces. I cut them before painting to make it easier to position the painting. I didn’t have large enough pieces of fabric for both sides to be seamless, so I had fun with an asymmetrical zigzag pattern on one side. Once the pieces were cut, I decided to paint something geometric inspired by mountains.

A blue gradient was tricky without mixing additional colors for highlights or shadows. I learned that more strokes turn into a solid color very quickly. You can’t erase paint and Cmd + Z doesn’t work, so if you are going to try something similar, embrace the character that comes with an uneven gradient.

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